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Walking Club - 502605

You know it: walking is good for you. It's easy, fun and, best of all, free! So it's time to start walking - and join the GO GURNEE walking club! Walks are on Saturday throughout the year at various locations throughout Lake County and southern Wisconsin. Location information and time of walk will be sent via email each week to those who are registered. Everyone who registers receives a GO GURNEE t- shirt. Set a goal and reward yourself when you reach it. You'll look and feel better as each step brings you closer to overall health and wellness. Preregistration is required for this Free program. (RD)

Status Add to Cart Activity Description Dates Times Meet Days Locations Price Ages    
Walking Club
01/06/2018 -12/29/2018
9:00 am - 9:01 am
Viking Park Comm Ctr

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